The Rising Darkness

More than twenty years have passed since the Karl Franz I sat on the throne of the Empire in Altdorf. Since then the Empire enjoyed a period of relative peace and prosperity. The people of the Empire’s ten provinces eased into their everyday uneventful lives since Empire’s Army dealt with any threat way ahead before it could develop into a real threat. More than ten years have passed since the Empire faced any real domestic or foreign threat. Consequently the Empire eased into this relative period of peace and calm. The trade grew. Trade relations with the Ulthuan High Elves and Bretonnia nobles developed. In this period of calm even the Nuln Imperial Gunnery School for the first time in 400 years dropped on its weapon development and canon production in favor of commercial heavy metal processing and production. Similar thing happened in other notable Empire cities like Middenheim and Talabheim.

The Empire, at first cautiously and unwillingly, started enjoying the peace and calm that it had not felt for quite some time. Even the northern-eastern Empire of Kislev enjoyed a time of calm on its northern borders toward the Chaos Wastes and the Troll Country to the north. In this time of calm the adventuring trade slowly declined. Occasionally a small band of goblins or beastmen descended from the Grey Mountains or emerged from the deep forest but in most cases the local militia was more than able to answer the call. In this time, some of the Old World pantheon suffered a decline while other increase in followers. The Pantheons connected with knowledge, trade and commerce experienced increase in followers and wealth (e.g. Verena and Rhya) while others, more traditional war oriented pantheons a decrease in followers and wealth (e.g. Morr, Shallya and Ulric). Sigmar’s church remained strong but also oriented itself to some other more common earthly matters like endorsing commerce and diplomacy, especially in relation to the Dwarf Clans.

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In this time it might seem that there is no need for heroes, that there is no place for adventuring but things are about to change.

OOC Information:

The campaign will focus on four unlikely heroes who will eventually find themselves in the middle storm brewing for the last twenty years.

1st Chapter will focus solely on our unlikely heroes and their getting around in the world and setting the stage for the main plot
2nd Chapter will further develop the main plot
3rd Chapter will end the main plot

All chapters will be intertwined with the background stories of our unlikely heroes.

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The Rising Darkness